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Model Rocket Altimeter Altimeter Rocket Payload

The MTM Scientific MODEL ROCKET ALTIMETER KIT (Catalog #ALTIMETER) contains all the parts you need to build an electronic model rocket altimeter payload for your model rocket. This recording altimeter senses air pressure altitude using the same principle as an airplane altimeter.  The onboard computer chip records the data and automatically converts to altitude (meters). After the flight, the LED blinks out the peak altitude as a series of flashes. Connect the altimeter to the serial port on your computer to read the actual data flight record. We include a detailed circuit diagram and the Picaxe-08M2 software code listing with the kit, which provides the possibility of modifying the unit for other uses and applications (for advanced hobbyists). This kit requires good electronic soldering skills because the pressure sensor is a surface mount component. Not suggested for beginners. Please Note: A model rocket is not included with this kit, and a payload bay is needed for the altimeter. The flight data can be downloaded using Hyper Terminal and plotted using Microsoft Excel, as shown here for a data set approximately 27 seconds duration.

Altitude vs Time for Model Rocket Flight

Specifications: Altitude Range 0-2000 meters, Output: Flashing LED (Peak) and Serial Port (RS-232), Power Supply: Single 3V Coin Cell Battery, Auto-Zeroing and Auto-Triggering Software, Slips perfectly inside an ESTES BT-55 Body Tube Payload Section, such as used on the Estes Cherokee-D.

Please note: This is an electronic kit requiring assembly, which includes fine soldering.  The Rocket is not included! We do not accept returns on partially assembled kits. Using the data output feature requires a computer with a 9 pin serial port, terminal emulation software (eg. Windows HyperTerminal) and plotting software (eg. Excel).

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