MTM Scientific, Inc... AM Loop Antenna Reviews

Link to a review of the MTM Loop Antenna at Radiointel

Here are some AM Loop photos sent in by our customers....

Custom AM Loop Antenna from Chris

Courtesy of Chris (Canada)

Note the custom dial plate, knob, brass hardware and beautiful choice of wood stain for a classic timeless appearance.

Directional AM Loop Antenna

Courtesy of Leonard (USA)

Note the custom turntable mount, with brass compass for aiming.  This project used a pickup loop with a console radio.  Leonard writes "Your AM Loop Antenna works better than I ever could have imagined."

Loop Antenna built from MTM Kit

Courtesy of P. Coats (USA)

Note the rounded-edge customization of the base supports.

Photo of AM Loop in Japan

Courtesy of K. Watanabe (Japan)

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