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Battery Capacity Amp Hr Circuit Kit

The BATTERY AMP HOUR METER KIT (#AHKIT) from MTM Scientific Inc contains all the electrical parts you need to build a circuit which monitors and reports the charge status of your battery bank. This circuit and sensor monitors the charge & discharge of your battery bank and displays the status... for example, as shown above, 100% means fully charged. This is NOT a simple voltmeter. A small onboard computer chip working with the blue Hall Effect Current Sensor calculates battery condition based on actual charge and discharge history. This kit has numerous applications: such as Electric Vehicles, Trolling Batteries, RV Batteries, Solar Electric Systems, Windmills, etc. The display will also indicate current flow in Amps when the pushbutton is pressed (lower left corner). This kit includes an instruction booklet with project examples, technical details, circuit diagram and complete parts list. Although this kit does require 12 VDC power, most applications simply tap the battery being monitored. Also, you set the battery bank capacity during installation, ranging up to 500 Amp Hours. Please Note: We ship by 1st Class Mail in the U.S.A.

Battery Capacity Meter Specifications: Amp Hour Capacity: 1-500 A-HR (Adjustable), Nominal Current: 25 Amps, Absolute Maximum Current : 80 Amps, Hall Effect Current Sensor, LED Output Display.

Please note: This circuit kit requires assembly, which includes soldering.  Installing a battery bank with wind or photovoltaic charging is a major project for advanced electronic hobbysists. We can answer your questions specific to assembly of the kit, but we are NOT available to provide unlimited technical support for your specific project. You will also need to provide a 12 VDC power supply, such as from your battery. Here is RV project example sent in by a customer from Australia: RV Battery Meter Project.

BATTERY AMP-HR METER KIT (Catalog #AHKIT)...$69.00   



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