Germanium Diode Assortment: 1N34A, 1N60 and D9B from MTM Scientific, Inc

1N34A, 1N60 and D9B Germanium Diode Mix

Here is the classic GERMANIUM DIODE ASSORTMENT (Cat# DIODES) from MTM Scientific, Inc.  This useful mix contains 5 pieces of 1N34A diodes, 5 pieces of 1N60 diodes and 1 piece of the D9B diode (Russian). These point contact, high sensitivity diodes have been specified in countless crystal radio plans and projects for decades. Germanium diodes make excellent detectors for all your AM crystal radio projects. You may have noticed that Germanium diodes have become increasingly difficult to obtain, especially in the smaller quantities that are useful for hobby and science fair projects. With this assortment you can easily experiment and determine which diode works best in your project.  All diodes are not created equal... even diodes of the same type and lot will show significant variation in performance.  There is no substitute for simple experimentation!

Diode Offer: Photo of what you receive

 CAT #DIODES: Photo of what you will receive.

You will receive 3 clearly labeled individual packets of diodes.  You will also receive a summary information sheet with some additional information about the diodes and their performance. We are offering this assortment for only $19.50, which includes shipping to USA locations by Postal Mail. We know you are in a hurry to get started, so we keep this assortment in stock for immediate shipment. 

Diode Assortment Offer Specifications: 5 pieces of 1N34A, 5 pieces of 1N60, 1 piece of the Russian D9B and Summary Information Sheet

Please note: These diodes can be used in almost any crystal radio project calling for a diode as the detector.  Some common older terms for detectors are: rectifier, coherer, cat's whisker, galena and crystal.

Germanium Diode Assortment, 11 Diodes total (Catalog #DIODES)...$19.50, Free Shipping by Postal Mail to USA Addresses. SORRY: No International.


Please send a check or money order for $19.50 to:

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