Build a working Fuel Cell: Plans for a Hydrogen & Oxygen Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Plans

These classic plans for building a Hydrogen and Oxygen Fuel Cell first appeared in the December 1960 issue of Science and Mechanics magazine.  This simple type of fuel cell eventually became the working fuel cell system for the Gemini Spacecraft Program! It's amazing to us that such well done plans were published in a popular technical magazine for amateur hobbyists.  Here are the plans in their full detail for your enjoyment.

Note: We are now offering a small packet of #100 nickel mesh wire screen for doing this project... See the offer details below.

Fuel Cell Plans Page 1

Fuel Cell Plans Page 2

Fuel Cell Plans Page 3

Fuel Cell Plans Page 4 

Now Available: #100 Nickel Wire Screen Mesh

Nickel Wire Screen Mesh

Nickel Wire Mesh Screen (Catalog #NICKEL): The #100 Nickel Wire Screen Mesh for building a fuel cell according to these plans is difficult to find.  We are now offering a piece of the material measuring 3 inches x 6 inches (7.6cm x 15.2 cm) shipped by Postal Mail to any location worldwide.  Click the Paypal link below to order. The amount of material we provide is sufficient to build a single fuel cell, however the quantity can be changed at checkout if you wish to purchase more than one piece. 

Note: We are not accepting orders at this time because of issues with delivery by the USPS

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