How to Measure a DC Motor for use as a DC Generator

Eliminates the guesswork in DC generator performance...any RPM, any Load

MTM Scientific offers the Motor Generator Booklet (Catalog #MOTGEN) This E-Booklet describes how to evaluate a DC motor for use as a DC generator by making a few simple electrical measurements. Most people know a DC Motor can be used as a Generator... the challenge is predicting the performance. In this E-Booklet a simple graphical technique is described for predicting performance at any load and at any RPM, as well as predicting the peak power point. This information is very useful for all kinds of projects, including: windmills, pedal power bikes, battery chargers, water turbines and handcranked generators. Also included in the booklet is information about motor supplier sources, information on how to build a load resistor array, and a description of how to use an electrical shunt for measuring high current (See below). This booklet helps you eliminate the guess work in selecting a DC motor/generator for your project.

Motor mounted in Drill Press for Measurement

DC Gear Head Motor working as a low RPM Generator.

Please note: This booklet is an electronic media offering in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to view and print this booklet after download.  

MOTOR GENERATOR BOOKLET (Catalog #MGBK)...$FREE!  Here is the link: Motor Generator Booklet

Special Offer: 100 Amp DC Current Shunt

Current Shunt for measuring DC motor generators

MTM Scientific offers this CURRENT SHUNT (CAT# SHUNT) for testing DC Motors for use as DC Generators as described in our E-Booklet above. The electrical rating is 100 amps current capacity with 50 millivolt output. (100A/50mV). Measuring open circuit voltage and short circuit current at constant RPM allows prediction of DC motor-generator performance. The open circuit voltage can be measured with any multimeter, but short circuit current should be measured with a current shunt to avoid damaging your multimeter and to make an accurate measurement. Instructions for use are included. The cost of this item is $17.50 which includes USA postage. 


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