MTM Scientific, Inc... Hydraulic Ram Plans

MTM Scientific, Inc Hydraulic Ram Water Pump Plans

A HYDRAULIC RAM is a water pump which uses the power of flowing water to pump a portion of the flow to a height greater than the original source.  A Water Ram Pump does not require a source of external power to operate, which makes it ideal for remote or rural applications.  Commercially made Hydraulic Rams are expensive, but it is possible to build a working pump using inexpensive plastic PVC pipe fittings and ordinary hand tools.  Our Hydraulic Ram Booklet describes how these water pumps work.  In addition, this booklet contains a diagram and parts list for building a Hydraulic Ram using plastic pipe fittings.   This booklet was originally printed, but has since sold out...  Therefore we are making it available in electronic form.  As a bonus, the new electronic version has additional information that did not appear in the original booklet.

Please note: This booklet is an electronic media offering in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to view and print this booklet after download.  We are making this booklet available free of charge. Good luck with your project! 



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