Savonius Windmill built using a Plastic Barrel

MTM Scientific, Inc

Regular customers at MTM know that we are always working on new products and projects. Here is a brief introduction to a new offering we hope to make in the near future...

Savonius type windmill Short Movie Clip

We are presently developing a Savonius type Windmill built using a standard 55 gallon plastic barrel. These barrels can be found almost everywhere at low cost, sometimes even for free. We have devised a very simple low-friction mounting scheme which uses inexpensive flanged ball bearing units. The inexpensive wooden support structure is built from pressure treated pine.

This unit is designed direct drive a low RPM electrical generator which we have recently tested. The intended application is to charge a 12 volt battery. A very unique feature of the electrical design is a special voltage regulator which optimizes power flow to the battery AND does peak power tracking of the windmill output for maximum system efficiency.

Our hope is to offer this product as a complete set of detailed plans, with a small kit of mechanical and electrical parts for easy construction.

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