MTM Scientific, Inc... Shortwave Loop Antenna Photos

Here are some photos of the Shortwave Loop Antenna assembly to help you with putting it together....

Capacitor Connection

These photos detail the electrical connections to the Air Variable Capacitor.  Note that one connection is made to the capacitor frame using a mounting screw, and the other connection is made to any of the 4 electrical terminals on the capacitor.

Electrical connection to the pickup loop How the pickup loop is secured.

These photos detail the electrical connections to the pickup loop.  Note that the super flexible coaxial cable is stripped back, split 2 ways and secured with nylon cable ties.

Hook for hanging the Shortwave Loop Antenna

It is especially convenient to hang the Shortwave Loop Antenna from a hook to facilitate rotating the assembly for directional tuning.

The completed Shortwave Loop Antenna

The completed Shortwave Loop Antenna.  The coaxial cable from the Pickup Loop is routed to the radio.

The flexible coaxial cable is connected to the radio with the plug.

This is a view of the flexible coaxial cable from the pickup loop being routed to the external antenna jack of a portable shortwave radio.

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