Time Controlled Relay Switching Kit

555 Timer Circuit Kit, Repeating 'ON' and 'OFF' cycles, Dual Adjustable Rates with Isolated Relay Output.

LM555 Time Controlled Switch Kit

The TIME CONTROLLED SWITCH KIT (Cat. # TIMER) from MTM Scientific is for building an 'ON' and 'OFF' relay switch that cycles at any rate you select. The circuit continuously switches the relay output 'ON' and 'OFF' when power is applied. Both the 'ON' and 'OFF' times are adjustable in the range of 1 to 60 seconds. For example you can set the circuit for 1 second 'ON' and 60 seconds 'OFF'. Precisely set the time intervals by adjusting the multi-turn potentiometers. The LED indicators show RED for 'OFF' and GREEN for 'ON'... making adjustment simple. Useful for light displays, flashers, beacons, greenhouses, aquariums, photography, science projects, lab testing and any other application that needs time controlled ON-OFF switching. This kit is based on the LM555 IC running in astable multivibrator mode and includes instructions, a detailed circuit diagram and complete parts list. The kit requires 12 VDC power, which you must supply. Free shipping by 1st Class Mail in the U.S.A. 

Time Controlled Switch Specifications: Relay switching for up to 30 VDC/120 VAC at 2 Amps maximum load current, 'ON' and 'OFF' times independently adjustable 1-60 seconds each, a 12 VDC Power Supply (100 mA) is required.

Please note: This circuit kit requires assembly, which includes soldering.  You will also need to provide a small 12 VDC power supply, such as a wall transformer or battery.

TIME CONTROLLED SWITCH KIT (Catalog #TIMER)...$29.75   U.S.A. Shipping Included. Sorry: No International Shipping


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