MTM's Handcranked DC Generator E-Booklet

Handcrankded DC Generator Booklet A hancranked DC Generator

The HANDCRANKED DC GENERATOR E-BOOKLET from MTM Scientific, Inc describes how to build a hand operated electric power generator using a standard DC gearhead motor. Gearhead motors are readily available on the surplus market at low cost. This booklet describes how to select a gearhead motor for the application. Another challenge is building a simple and low-cost voltage regulator, which is also described in this booklet. Gearhead motors are great low RPM DC generators that can also be used for other alternative energy applications such as Savonius Windmills, Water Wheels, Etc. This booklet contains an updated listing of several sources for suitable motor generators 'off-the-shelf' at reasonable prices.

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Please note: This booklet is an electronic media offering in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print this booklet after download.  We are offering this booklet as a FREE DOWNLOAD.


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