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Book Cover: Build a Solar Tracker

Dual Axis Solar Tracker STMAX

Build a Solar Tracker: How to Build a Dual Axis Sun Tracking System

Track the Sun with the STMAX dual axis solar tracker that you build using the detailed plans in this book. All aspects of the DIY project are covered: Mechanical, Electrical and Software. This modern design uses an onboard microcontroller and MEMS angle sensor technology. All project components are readily available per the detailed parts lists included in the book. The design includes a serial communication interface for remote monitoring and control. The basic 80/20 mechanical platform is easily adapted to your payload: such as solar ovens, optical concentrators, solar electric panels, etc. The 'smart' controller learns daily sun positions for faster aiming over time. Complete software source code for the Picaxe Microcontroller is included. Easy to set up. Multiple options for customization and adaption to your specific project. Check out the PCB and Kit descriptions (below) to get a really quick start. Offered by MTM Scientific, Inc... with over 15 years experience building and operating solar trackers. ISBN 978-0-9971958-0-4, 192 pages, 6"x9" paperback. 

Specifications: STMAX Two Axis Solar Tracker
Sun Tracking Motion Dual Axis (North/South & East/West)
Controller PICAXE-20X2, Programmable Instruction Controller
Payload Platform Structural Framing System (80/20)
Power Supply 12 VDC / 2 Amps
Maximum Payload Weight ~ 20 Pounds, Evenly Distributed
Tracking Motion Update Frequency Motion Adjustments Every 6 Minutes
Typical Tracking Accuracy +/- 10 Degrees
Motive Power Source Dual Linear Actuators, Limit Switch Protected

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Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board: PCB for "Build a Solar Tracker"

Here is the bare PCB for the project "Build a Solar Tracker". This PCB allows you to get a jump start on the dual axis solar tracker project. Although it is certainly possible to design your own PCB (using the circuit schematics and parts list in the book) this PCB lets you focus on the other parts of the project. This PCB fits nicely inside the weatherproof enclosure we suggest using in the book. Notice that this PCB is designed to use regular-sized through hole electronic components... we did that so you can see what you're doing! A great companion to the plans in the book. Prefer to purchase a complete kit? See the complete electronic kit below.

PRINTED CIRCUT BOARD (Catalog #PCB)... $19.95

STMAX Controller Kit: Complete

STMAX Electronic Controller Kit including PCB

Here is a complete kit to build the STMAX Electronic Dual Axis Solar Tracker Controller. This kit includes all the electronic components as shown to assemble the controller, including the printed circuit board. This kit makes it easy to assemble the STMAX Solar Tracker Controller. It's perfect for a quick start according to the plans in our book "Build a Solar Tracker". This kit saves you the time and effort of ordering the various project parts individually. In addition, the Picaxe microcontroller we provide is pre-programmed with the solar tracker software already installed. Perfect for getting a jump start building your solar tracker. Note: As an extra bonus, we will send an email confirmation of your order, with a link to download a PDF copy of the book. Please be patient, as we do this manually.

STMAX CONTROLLER KIT with PCB (Catalog #STMAX-KIT)... $129.50 with free shipping in U.S.A. 


Solar Photovoltaic Panel Solar Stirling Engine PayloadSolar Cooker Oven Payload

The photos above show 3 examples of payloads for the STMAX: A Solar Panel, a Solar Stirling Engine and a Solar Oven. All of these payloads benefit from tracking the sun, and are suitable for the STMAX dual axis solar tracker.   Here is a link to a short (~10 sec) video of the Solar Stirling Engine in operation: Solar Stirling Engine Video

We are working on a new project at MTM to connect a GPS module to the STMAX dual axis solar tracker controller and platform. In this new project the GPS acquires the time, date and location... and the Picaxe-20X2 calculates the sun's position. Here is a link to the details: GPS Solar Tracker


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