MTM Scientific, Inc... Shortwave Loop Antenna Kit

Shortwave Reception Loop Antenna

Our SHORTWAVE LOOP ANTENNA KIT allows you to build a tuned loop antenna for indoor reception of shortwave radio broadcasts over the frequency range of 4 MHz to 15 MHz. This antenna consists of a single loop of wire, supported by two wooden cross beams, tuned by our air variable capacitor.  The tuned signal is picked up by a smaller loop (inside the main loop) and routed to the radio by a short length of flexible coaxial cable. This shortwave receiving antenna has surprisingly good performance considering its simplicity. Here are some photos of the construction: Shortwave Loop Photos.

 Shortwave Loop Antenna Kit

Our kit contains the following items: a 365 MMF Air Variable Capacitor, 10 feet of flexible coaxial cable, 12 feet of 14 Ga antenna wire for the main loop, 33 inches of 14 Ga antenna wire for the pickup loop, a phenolic knob, a pair of 4 foot long wooden supports, a metallic 1/8 inch phono plug, various fasteners and the assembly instructions.  This kit lets you focus on building the antenna, instead of scrounging around for the parts. Please note that assembly of this kit requires measuring, drilling and soldering.  Our kit price includes the cost of shipping by Priority Mail in the U.S.A. International orders are welcome, please see below for the additional charge.





Note: We no longer offer this kit. A free link to the plans is provided above.

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