Wide Band NTSC CATV Tuner with Data Sheets

Panasonic RF Tuner Module

Here is an unusual item that is perfect for the technical hobbyist.   It is a Panasonic (Matsushita) NTSC electronic tuner for 55 MHZ to 860 MHz with 75 ohm RF input and IF output. Attached to the tuner is a VIF unit which has baseband audio (41.25 MHz) and video (45.75 MHz) outputs using an LA7577N Video and Sound IF IC. The tuning and control is done via a 3 wire serial bit stream, which offers tremendous flexibility for various radio projects... such as scanners, amateur television downconverters, homebrew spectrum analyzers and radio astronomy receivers. Best of all, the manufacturer's datasheets are available for review and download from our Resource Center Section. Please note that this unit is the NTSC version, and it does not include the RF Modulator option described in the datasheets. This CATV Tuner is available for immediate delivery off-the-shelf. Our price includes shipping via First Class Mail. The Tuner Motherboard Kit (described below) greatly simplifies working with this unit, and is being offered at a discount on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here is a link to a Radio Astronomy Receiver built using this Tuner: Radio Telescope Project

Here is a link for building a super simple microcontroller for the Tuner: PICAXE Controller Project

Here is a link showing how to build a Slow Scan Spectrum Analyzer: Spectrum Analyzer

Here are plans for building an FM Wideband Receiver Project using this Tuner: Tuner Project

Here is an older project for programming the CATV Tuner using CMOS IC's: Programmer

Specifications: CATV Electronic Tuner, NTSC, PANASONIC Part # ENG26104G

ITEM: CATV Electronic Tuner (Catalog # CATV).................. $19.95 with Free Shipping in the USA. Sorry: No International

Please note: This item is for advanced electronic hobbyists.  There are many projects posted here and elsewhere on the internet for using CATV tuners, but only limited opportunities for purchasing a single tuner with technical documentation. Our recently added PIC project (above) and Project Board (below) open a world of possibilities for experimenting.


Please send a check or money order for $19.95 to:

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 CATV Tuner Project Board Kit

Be sure to see our Slow Scan Spectrum Analyzer Project which uses this Motherboard

CATV Tuner Project Kit

The CATV Tuner Project Board Kit (Catalog # TNBD) greatly simplifies working with our electronic tuner, and is especially useful for building a radio telescope for radio astronomy. The project kit forms a motherboard carrier for the tuner and simplifies the 5V, 12V and 30V DC power inputs.  All the input/output connections to the tuner are clearly labeled, and the audio output is routed to a headphone jack. The board offers 2 ways to control the tuner: using a parallel port connection from a PC, or by using a PICAXE microcontroller chip programmed via the serial port connection. These two programming methods open up a world of possibilites for experimenting. In addition, we have included two auxillary circuits on the board for the Radio Astronomy project: a diode detector circuit, and a DC instrumentation amplifier. This kit includes all the components for populating the board as shown (including the CATV tuner), and also included is a detailed booklet of instructions.

Tuner Board Kit Layout

Please note that this kit requires assembly and soldering. Programming the tuner is an advanced electronic project. As supplied out of the box this kit tunes UHF channel 37 (608-614 MHz) for the Radio Telescope Project. Other applications require reprogramming the PICAXE chip or using software coding and the parallel port connector. Also, you must provide the DC power supply inputs.

Be sure to see our Slow Scan Spectrum Analyzer Project which uses this same board with a reprogrammed PICAXE chip.

CATV PROJECT BOARD KIT (Catalog #TNBD)...$47.50, With Free Shipping in the USA. Sorry: No International. Our supply of these kits is limited. This is a special discounted price. This quality kit is a lot of fun to experiment with!


Please send a check or money order for $47.50 to:

MTM Scientific, Inc  P.O. Box 522 Clinton, Michigan 59236

Direct any questions to MTM@MTMSCIENTIFIC.COM

 NOTE: We have a large supply (~ 60 pcs) of Thomson Tuner Part # DIT9310 ( DIT-9310)... but without the datasheet or pinout information.  If anyone can help with the specifications, or other information it would be greatly appreciated! We would like to offer these for amateur radio projects, as this compact unit appears to have some good possibilities. Below is a photo of the Tuner. These units have 11 output pins and an F-Type antenna input connection. Please write to us if you have the data sheet, or other technical reference material.

UPDATE: Since we first posted our request for information on these tuners, we have received 2 great leads on how to find out more information on tuners in general...  The first tip was from James who suggests examination of the useful information posted at the Mark Whitis TV Tuner Modules Website.  The second tip came from Geoff who suggested that when you know which product a tuner was used in, it may be possible to extract the tuner information from the FCC website.  A tip of the hat to both these individuals for passing along some great information!

Thomson Tuner DIT9310

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