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365 MMF Air Variable Capacitor from MTM Scientific, Inc.

Here is the classic 365 MMF AIR VARIABLE CAPACITOR that has been specified in literally 100's of different electronic plans and projects for decades... such as Crystal Radios, AM Loop Antennas, Shortwave Loop Antennas, AM Radios, Shortwave Radios and Antenna Tuners.  Once available almost universally, this tuning capacitor has become increasingly difficult to find.  We therefore arranged for a custom production run to our specifications here in the USA.  These adjustable capacitors feature a brass tuning shaft (1/4 inch diameter x 1 inch long) and tapped mounting holes on the front and back (#6-32 threads).  This capacitor is available for immediate delivery off-the-shelf.  Our price includes shipping in the USA. Worldwide shipping is available for an additional charge. (See below).

Specifications: 15-365 MMF Tuning Range, 350 V Max, CCW Rotation

Please note: In older radio plans you will often see a capacitor referred to as a condenser... which is identical.  Also, "MMF" is a dated abbreviation for micro-micro farad, which today is more commonly called a pico farad, abbreviated "pf" .

AIR VARIABLE CAPACITOR (Catalog #AIRCAP)...$23.50 each, USA shipping included. International Customers: Please order #AIRCAP-INT which includes $10 additional for worldwide postal delivery. 

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AIR VARIABLE CAPACITOR-INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (Catalog #AIRCAP-INT)...$33.50, International Customers: Please order this item using link below, which includes an additional charge to defray the cost of worldwide postal delivery.

BY PAYPAL: click the "PAYPAL, Buy Now" button.  Quantity can be changed at Paypal checkout to order more than one. Mail Orders: See details below.

MTM Scientific offers several kit products which use this Air Variable Capacitor:

AM Loop Antenna Kit

Shortwave Radio Kit

Shortwave Loop Antenna Kit



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