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Plans are now available for electronic download in PDF format for only $5

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Our AM RADIO DX LOOP ANTENNA converts your portable transistor radio into a long distance receiver, capable of pulling in distant AM radio stations.  Works with any portable radio, without complicated connections.  Simply position your radio near the antenna (as shown) and tune.  Also improves local station reception.  No batteries or power supply are needed, great for camping and remote locations. Small enough to use on the kitchen table! Daily AM listeners appreciate improved reception of News, Sports and Talk. Especially fun at night, when the AM Powerhouse Stations are in play and reception distances soar. Great introduction to DXing... the hobby of listening for distant radio stations.  Very simple to use, complete instructions included. This attractive unit uses solid copper wire around a beautiful oak frame with a brass dial plate and large tuning knob. Please Note! We pay for the shipping via Priority Mail in the USA. We have received several inquiries about connecting this antenna to a component receiver... Here's How: Pickup Loop

Specifications: Tuning Range 550KHz-1700KHz, Size 18"x18"x8", Weight 2 lbs.

Sorry: Finished Antenna is not available at this time. Plans are available as PDF download for $5

AM RADIO LOOP ANTENNA (Catalog #AMDX1000)...$147.50  USA Shipping Included


Purchase these plans forr only $5.00.

Please email ( for instructions on how to make payment.  You will receive an electronic file of the complete plans for building this AM Loop Antenna. Finding most of the materials locally is easy. We also offer the Air Variable Capacitor on our website here: Air Variable Capacitor

AM LOOP ANTENNA PLANS (CAT# AMLOOPBK) .....................................$5.00

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