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Our customers enjoy building things!  Here is a collection of project ideas, plans and other useful information for experimenting.  Most of the information presented here is free. In some cases we offer the opportunity to purchase a special item needed for the project. Please also visit the main MTM Scientific, Inc. Product Page.

LALU Lookup Arithmetic Logic Unit Go to LALU

 Measuring peak power point of solar panels Go to solar panel measurements

PELCO Heliostat Project Go to Pelco Heliostat Project

TTL Homebrew Computer Go to TTL Page

MIOS: IBM 5150 BIOS Experiments Go to MIOS Page

How to measure a DC Motor for use as a GeneratorMotor Generator Tutorial

Go to Inexpensive Data Logger Go to Inexpensive Data Logger Page

Telescope Eyepiece Experimenter Kit Go to Telescope Eyepiece Experimenter Kit

 How to Modify an Alternator Stator

Build a working Radio Telescope Build a working Radio Telescope

Instrumentation Amplifier INA122 Go to DC Instrumentation Amplifier Page

Guide to soldering electronics Go to soldering guide

Time Controlled Switch Kit Go to Repeat Cycle Timer

Solar Oven Project by Halacy Go!

Build a working Hydrogen & Oxygen Fuel Cell Go to Fuel Cell Plans!

Hot Diode Anemometer Wind Sensor Windspeed Circuit Sensor

Savonius Windmill Plans Windmill Project

Kite Aerial Photography: Free KAP plans Go to KAP Plans

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